La Redaction

From wanderings and retreats in the Nature - those lonely periods which transform experiences and lead to self-interrogations - I developed an ascetic and instinctive photography. With the pictures I realized, I create a sensorial fction which resonate into the collective consciousness.
Between 2011 and 2015 I photographed my feelings by means of the landscape and its details. Using diferent media (cameras and microscope) and through analog and digital manipulations, I fx the original emotion I experienced. Each medium and process corresponding to one specifc state of mind. "Paraboles" (Parables in english) is an inner-quest in mental landscapes, where the notions of micro-macro, organic-mineral are confused, thus forming a loop where subjects are constantly reinvented and transformed. Like in an alchemic process, those treatments are in order to re-unify the opposites and permits to the viewer to reach their own spiritual center.
The barrier of physical existence is damaged by the abnormal colours, subjects and textures. In this obscure and natural noise, primeval sensations of the human being, maternal caves and mystical creatures echo all around. With the confrontation of those symbolic images, a back- country of the mind is created, leaving us to roam a mental realm dominated by Nature.

Talents : Constantin Schlachter

Durant des promenades et des retraites dans la Nature – ces périodes de solitudes qui transforment les expériences et amènent à l'introspection - le photographe Constantin Schlachter développe une photographie ascétique et instinctive. Durant des promenades et des retraites
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La 66e édition de Jeune Création

Pour sa 66e édition, l'exposition annuelle Jeune Création fut accueillie par la galerie Thaddeaus Ropac de Pantin pour 7 jours. Ce sont 60 artistes qui ont été sélectionnés pour cette édition parmi 2000 candidatures, et c'est un ensemble de 13 prix qui ont été attribués pour 19 lauréats, soit